3-5 December 2019Dubai Convention & Exhibition Centre

Event overview

Event Overview

Exhibition Overview

Middle East Organic & Natural Products Expo 2018 is the one and only event for organic and natural products in the in the Middle East and North Africa region. The event provides international companies from different sectors, instant access to a dynamic and expanding market of organic and natural products. For past 14 years, exhibitors and visitors at Middle East Organic & Natural Product Expo have done business, launched new products and found new opportunities.


Organic and Natural Food & Beverages
Natural Beauty & Wellness
Health & Nutrition
Alternative Medicines & Therapy


Middle East Organic & Natural Products Expo is the only dedicated exhibition to showcase natural & organic products from a variety of different sectors. The expo has gained strong credibility over the past 14 years by exhibitors and worldwide organic associations alike.


What makes the UAE an important gateway to the GCC & Pan Arab markets? Over the years, the United Arab Emirates has emerged as the economic kingpin of the region and today it is the vital link in developing the rest of the regions economy. The UAE comprises of seven Emirates and has a thriving economy, which is one of the highest in the world - $67,696 USD per capita.
Multiple government initiatives in the Middle East over the years have made UAE one of the leading and advanced countries in the Organic and Natural business. The organic food sector has seen growth with increasing number of organic farms and higher demand for organic and natural produce even in the medical and cosmetic sector. As awareness about the organic lifestyle and the purchasing power increases, we can safely assume that this trend is only going forward.

Many factors continue to play a significant role in UAE’s phenomenal growth:

Its unique geographical location makes the country a crucial link in the international trade route and an important gateway to the GCC and Pan Arab Markets.
Its unique business conditions, for example: 
- Low Customs Duty of Just 4%
- No Income Tax
- Joint venture encouragement
- Effective Network of international banks
- Liberal exchange controls for the repatriation of capital and profits

Why is Middle East Organic & Natural Products Expo Dubai a great opportunity for the organic and natural market?

Organizing the event in Dubai gives access to key markets in the East and West easy access to the region due to Dubai’s location and connectivity.

1. Location

Dubai has emerged as a global city and major business hub of the Middle East. As one of the worlds fastest growing economies, Dubai's GDP is projected at $107.1 billion USD and had a growth rate of 6.1% in 2014.
Demand for organic products is at an all time high and still rising in the UAE as consumers are placing higher value on products that are good for their own health, as well as being sustainable for the environment.

2. Timing

November being the latter part of the year is ideal when buyers are looking at the year ahead for business expansion and new trade deals. November also ensures that there’s no clash with other international trade events in the calendar, offering the best time to do business.
Dubai is hot, dry and windy year round, but the cooler November temperatures of around 18°C to 31°C mean there's very little humidity. There's also very little rainfall, just 0.2 inches expected over the entire month. Weather-wise, November is considered one of the best times to visit Dubai.

3. Buyers

Middle East Organic & Natural Products Expo Dubai concentrates on bringing quality visitors matching the product and service profile of its exhibitors from the Middle East and North Africa.

  • Hosted Buyers Hand picked buyers outside UAE are pre-qualified based on their interest in buying from exhibitors, purchase level and decision making authority. Once qualified into the programme, buyers are offered complimentary transportation and accommodation. The online and onsite matchmaking programme ensures that they they have a schedule of pre-arranged meetings with exhibitors.
  • VIP Buyers Top-level buyers within the UAE are identified and invited into the programme by our dedicated buyer engagement team who facilitates meetings with exhibitors based on their interest areas.
  • Trade Buyers Middle East Organic & Natural Products Expo Dubai being a B2B exhibition, invites buyers from Middle East, North Africa, Levant, Indian Sub-continent, CIS Countries and Europe to attend the exhibition by registering online or onsite free of charge.

4. The Organizer

Global Links Exhibitions have been an active part of the region’s organic and natural industry since year 2002. It has gained immense credibility within the supplier and buyer community worldwide for their service delivery, quality and performance with the organization of Middle East Organic & Natural Products Expo Dubai. This credibility comes from their proximity and understanding of the region’s buyer market.