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Why You Should Consider A Natural Beauty Regime

We all understand the importance of looking after our skin. Most of us know to remove our cosmetics before we go to bed, throw out products that have been open for too long and to spot test new products to make sure we don’t have a reaction to any of the ingredients.


But not everyone has stopped to think about the harm that their beauty regime may be doing to their body. Just because we love the way a certain moisturiser makes us feel, doesn’t mean our skin loves the nasty chemicals hidden in a recipe designed for profit rather than health.


Once you actually look into what exactly goes into what you put on your body, it makes sense to switch to a natural alternative.
If that link scared you a little bit, you’re not alone. If you didn’t bother looking through the site, go here for a less comprehensive list of chemicals often referred to as the “dirty dozen”.


If that wasn’t enough to convince you to at least consider switching, here are some benefits of having a natural skincare routine:


Glowing skin:

Essentially the saying “you only get out what you put in” rings true with cosmetics and beauty products as much as it does with food.

As author and skincare line founder, Mutki told Insider a big pro of organic products is that you’re “Feeding and nurturing your skin with potent, plant-based ingredients that have an abundance of polyphenols, vitamins and antioxidants the body can use helps to promote a clear, glowing complexion”.


Environmentally friendly:

Not only are organic products better for your skin and health, they’re also far better for the environment than their chemically compounded counterparts.

Because their ingredients are natural, they will not cause harm to the environment when you wash them off or dispose of leftovers and certified organic products are generally created sustainably.


No fragrances:

Did you know that a manufacturer can list literally anything as a fragrance and get away with it?

Because a product’s scent is considered a “trade secret” companies are not required to disclose what goes into their fragrances, even if they’re harmful to consumers or the environment.

This can have potentially deadly consequences for someone who is allergic to an undisclosed ‘fragrance’ ingredient.

Organic products, on the other hand, do not contain manufactured fragrances. Any scent that the product produces is just a bi-product of its natural ingredients and will be listed on the packaging.


Lowered risk of irritation and side effects:

Because traditional beauty products contain so many synthetic ingredients, many individuals have reactions to the formulas used. Reactions can span from mild to severe and the reason is often hard to pinpoint (thanks to the above mentioned fragrance loophole).

Another issue with traditional products is the common use of parabens as a preservative. Parabens are part of our “dirty dozen” and should be avoided at all costs due to their cancer causing properties.

Organic products will use natural preservatives such as grapeseed oil which are not only better for your body but also smell nicer.


Now you’ve seen the benefits for yourself, why not visit Natural Beauty 2018?

The exhibition is co-hosted by Organic & Natural at the Dubai Convention and Exhibition Centre and brings premium organic suppliers from over 65 countries to your doorstep on November 18 - 20.

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