3-5 December 2019Dubai Convention & Exhibition Centre

How To Be Successful In The Organic & Natural Products Expo

Organic & Natural aims to make forming international partnerships and increasing your revenue as easy as possible. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can just wander in blind and expect success.

To help you get the most out of the exhibition, we’ve outlined some tips below to ensure that your visit with us is as productive as possible.



  • Utilise the O2O platform.
    We wouldn’t have integrated the O2O system if it didn’t get results. Use the platform to do your research, communicate with other attendees and organise your schedule before the show.
    Not only will this help you manage your time at the exhibition, it will also make it easier to keep in touch after the event thanks to the in-built, real time, translation services and ease of use.

  • Attend the on-site conferences.
    You’re going to be there anyway so what not give the available conferences a go?
    Worst case scenario is you come out of them with some interesting information but positive outcomes are limitless.



  • Follow your schedule.
    Nobody is going to chase you around forcing you to stick to the plan you’ve made, but your day will certainly flow more smoothly if you do.
    It’s also just good manners to uphold agreements you’ve previously made so please don’t waste your time and opportunities or those of others.

  • Leave time for general browsing and communication.
    Yes, it’s good to be organised, but you may also be pleasantly surprised by other offerings at the exhibition so it is recommended to leave yourself enough time to explore other avenues as well as your pre-planned meetings and purchases.



  • Have samples readily available.
    Just because you know your product is good doesn’t mean that buyers will automatically agree with you.
    Have samples and information ready to present to the buyer so they can see for themselves what your inventory can do.

  • Keep your stand organised.
    This is important even if you only carry one type of product but if your range is larger it is imperative that you keep your area organised.
    You’re going to be busy throughout the exhibition and having to look for the things you need when a buyer asks a question is not only frustrating but also looks unprofessional.


That’s about it really, basic planning and knowing who you want to meet with will go a long way towards ensuring you get the most out of your time with Organic & Natural.

We hope you enjoy the exhibition and wish you the best of luck with your new partnerships.

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