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The Rise Of Organics In The UAE

The United Arab Emirates is currently experiencing a boom in the organic market as a whole, and with all signs pointing to the dominance of natural products continuing to rise, it’s the perfect time to break into the industry (or expand your inventory if you already operate in the sector).


In 2015, Gulf News reported that the UAE’s food imports are expected to reach $400 billion across the coming decade and a 2018 survey conducted by YouGov found that 61% of consumers in the UAE bought organic foods more than once a month.

With a population of approximately 9.4 million people, that means that over 5.7 million individuals are currently shopping the organic market.

Additionally, restaurants are also shifting towards a more natural selection, with many offering an increased amount of vegan and organic menu options in response to consumer trends.


If you’re still not convinced, a study by Mintel found that retail space for organic products has grown by 60% in the past four years. The same analysis also found that only 2% of products marketed themselves as “organic”, so if your product fits the bill, you’ve got quite a large market you can tap into with little competition.


If we look to specific figures about other sectors, the beauty industry is also rising particularly well in the MEA region with the industry being estimated to have a current retail value of approximately $35.9 billion, with that figure set to rise at a compound rate of almost 10% a year leading up to 2022.

Approximately $2.5 billion of that revenue is from the organic sector which is set to rise at 12-15% over the same period.


Children’s products are also in high demand with the Khaleej Times reporting that parents are calling for the increased availability of natural products for their children, particularly in Dubai.


With a market that is already worth several billion dollars, without even factoring in specific statistics from other sectors, it is only logical to create a foundation for your brand in the UAE before your competitors flood the market and take all the revenue for themselves.


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