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5 Things You Should Know When Travelling To The UAE

We’re so pleased that you have decided to exhibit with us at the 16th consecutive Organic & Natural Exhibition and we want to make sure that your visit is as productive and comfortable as possible.

The United Arab Emirates is a lively, culturally diverse trade hub which draws many new businesses each year. This does not mean, however, that you can simply presume that the laws will align with those of your home country.

Below you will find five things you need to know when travelling to the U.A.E. and some links to further information if you require it.


A lot of medications that are legal elsewhere are illegal in the UAE

It may seem fairly obvious that drugs are illegal but it is important to understand that even trace amounts of a prohibited substance can cause some pretty serious repercussions for you.

It is best to be sure that nothing you bring with you has ever come into contact with a substance banned in the UAE and remember to check whether any prescription medical you take is legally permissible as many medications that are acceptable in other countries are prohibited in the UAE.


Don’t swear

Anything that can be considered offensive is illegal in Dubai.

This includes the use of cuss words and statements that can be seen as defamatory, or as going against the Islamic faith, rude gestures and negative implications about an individual.

Keep your language polite and businesslike or you may face severe penalties.


Be careful with your accommodation

Although it is rarely acted upon in regards to travelers, be aware that it is illegal to share a hotel room with anyone whom you are not married to or a close relation of.

Unless it causes logistical issues for your business, we suggest getting separate rooms for each of your business personnel.

While this may be inconvenient it allows for storage of more stock and ensures that you cannot be prosecuted for not following local laws.


Walking isn’t recommended

Dubai, by all accounts, is not a walking friendly city.

Many things are too far apart to comfortably walk between in the Middle Eastern heat.

Taxis are quite cheap, however, and public transport can get you many places, so getting around shouldn’t be an issue.


Not-so-happy snaps

Photography of government buildings, palaces and airports is forbidden. As is taking a photo that includes a stranger (even in the background) without their permission.


Remember to be culturally sensitive and your experiences outside of exhibition hours can be just as enjoyable and fulfilling as the time you spend with us.

Happy travelling and good luck with your new partnerships.

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