2016 Exhibitor

List of Exhibitors – Middle East Natural & Organic Product Expo 2016

Please find below the Exhibitors’ List of MENOPE 2016.


Al Shuwib Organic Farms started as a family farm before it has expanded its operation in 2009 for commercial purposes.

The company primarily engages in the cultivation, production and distribution of organic vegetables and fruits. With a total land area of 2km2 located in the middle of the dessert, Al Shuwib is free from any pollution that is present in large cities and has access to clean underground water. 80 Large green houses and wide open fields facilitate the production of natural and organic fruit and vegetables.

Over 60 different fruits and vegetables are grown at the Al Shuwib farm and these are distributed to many different large companies (Restaurants, Organic Stores, Supermarkets & individuals) around the U.A.E. These products are grown as 100% organic, free from any chemicals from the time of planting to harvesting. All farm inputs used at Al Shuwib are certified as organic methods.

We are considered the best farm in the U.A.E because we have maintained and complied with internationally recognized standards of organic farming, therefore, our products are truly organic with superior quality.

AL-HAJRACIYAH Farm - Saudi Arabia

Organic plant & animal production

Dates - cereal products