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7th to 9th of November 2017
Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hall 6,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

List of Exhibitors – Menope 2016

Please find below the Exhibitors’ List of MENOPE 2016.

Al Shuwib Organic Farms started as a family farm before it has expanded its operation in 2009 for commercial purposes.

The company is primarily engaged in cultivation, production and distribution of organic vegetables, fruits and dates having a total land area of 2 sq. km located in the middle of the dessert of Al Shuwib which is totally free from pollution, having fresh air and clean underground water. It has 80 large green houses and wide open field for production purposes.

Over 60 kinds of vegetables are grown which are distributed to large companies (Restaurants, Organic Stores, Supermarkets & individuals) around U.A.E. The products are grown as 100% organic, free from any chemicals from the time of planting to harvesting. All farm inputs used are certified as organic.

We are considered as the best farm in UAE because we have maintained to comply with international standards of organic farming thus our products are real organic with superior quality.

AL-HAJRACIYAH Farm - Saudi Arabia

Organic plant & animal production

Dates - cereal products


Alebdaa Alzahabi Investment Company is owned by Emirates and located in Dubai-UAE, Agricultural investment is one of the focused sectors of the company.

We believe in people power, creativity, and passion to build successful business and everything is possible.

We set up projects and add values in the value chain by utilizing resources, marketing, and consultation , training and selling business ideas.

We have expertise in agriculture (organic, agribusiness, animal production…….etc.) to have the best journey with us and to be sure that the projects are in the right track.

Alqaidi Group - UAE


The history of the company “Ambal Imports and Exports” located in Pollachi, Tamil Nadu, India goes back to 2012, when the visionary light of Mr. Yuvaraj Santhakumar started off with a simple thought that; why not make use of coconut as the raw materials that we have around us in abundance instead of turning to other resources with a small unit. Making use of what was available; the founder wielded the light that would lead many in the years to come. The company grew under his leadership and started successfully Organic Virgin Coconut Oil manufacturing unit during 2015.


Aptiekas Produkcija is a leading Latvian manufacturer of a wide range of quality finished food supplement/ Nutraceutical products for a variety of market segments. Our competitive advantage with regards to the finished products is an uncompromised quality yet at highly effective price and a very stimulating policy for distributors. Furthermore, we offer a range of contract manufacturing services to contribute to the growth of your business with your own branded products. All the processes are being realized in accordance with the HACCP and GMP guidelines ensuring traceability, control and safety of the products.

ArianaSaffrom Cultivation, Processing and packaging Company – Afghanistan

Ariana Saffron Cultivation, Processing and Packaging Company was established in 2011 and located in Herat city, the company is involve in saffron business the company purchases saffron and after processing sell at local and international markets.


Nutraceutical and Ayurveda is the best form of medication since immortal times and thus, we, Atulya Medilink, started our business in this domain. In the year 2005, we established our company with its production facility set up in Haryana. As a Manufacturer, Trader, Supplier and Exporter of Nutraceutical and Ayurved Products we wish to reach the top-most position. Our range includes Dietary Supplements,Nutraceutical Products like Iron Syrup, Lycopene Syrup, Glucosamine Tablet, Vitamin D3 Sachate, etc. We also deal in Ayurvedic Medicines, Herbal Medicines, and man. All these medicine are manufactured by utilizing certified herbs, natural ingredients. One of the most important reasons why Nutraceutical and Ayurveda Treatment is considered best than all other medications is because they do not have any side effects. From normal flu, blood pressure, sugar problem to life taking diseases these medicines can cure all kinds of diseases and wounds.


Authentic Lanka Exports Pvt. Ltd. is a subsidiary of Avant Premiere, a celebrated International convention management company that wields a formidable portfolio with global corporate giants such as “Red Bull” and “Google”. Authentic Lanka Exports, adhering to its core values of premium quality, ethical standards, and environmentally sound practices, aims to expose a suite of truly Sri Lankan products to the global arena! Hence our slogan “Truly Sri Lankan”. The company places the environment at the apex of our priorities, and are primarily committed to protecting the environment and constantly adding to our ever-growing range of quality products that are safe for the usage of a global clientele, with value-addition, our competitors are hard-pressed to match!


AYURCHEM PRODUCTS is a steadily growing manufacturer of prescription Ayurvedic and Herbal formaulations, bulk herbal concentrates and Herbal Cosmetics. The Company is quickly gaining the confidence of the medical profession in India, through its quality range of branded and generic products. AYURCHEM PRODUCTS believes that quality assurance begins at the stage of raw material cultivation, and ends only after the final formulation is used effectively by the patient, as advised by the Physician.

Bahr Al Arab Factory - UAE


Our company was established in 1991 for the purposes of developing and spreading out beekeeping in our country, introducing bee products other than honey, modernizing production processes, supporting domestic producers and decreasing foreign dependency in bee products. We started to produce food supplements and herbal oils in addition to its product range of honey, pollen, royal jelly and molasses, under the trademark Balen in 1996.


BEST PLUS Corporation is an overseas marketing company under A.P.A corporation, Japan (Manufacturer). Our company has integrated a hybrid of commercial trade, management skills, develop new and high technology healthy foods and advanced health product supplies.Especially, our best product name Silica water soluble is a trace element that we researched into natural health food product. In local Japan till now, about 2-3 million people are drinking our product everyday. Our product has successfully attained ISO9001 certification awards and GMP certification. This is evidence of the product performance and quality.

Biocham – Syria

"BioCham is the implementation of our beliefs".Our policy is to provide a wide range of the highest quality Hydrolytes,Essential Oils,Cold Pressed Oils&Natural Extracts, to help our consumers ADOPT Nature’s Extracts in their daily lives with products that can be produced in Syria and the Middle East for an increasingly discerning market especially in Food, Pharmaceuticals, Aromatherapy and cosmetics, where provenance and assured quality are paramount. BioCham Products are available in Boots Pharmacies, Organic Foods & Café Locations & Dubai Herbal & Treatments center.


Biotropics Malaysia Berhad (Biotropics) was incorporated in February 2007 as a government-linked corporation to develop and commercialize Malaysia’s bio-resources into superior natural health products. At Biotropics, we are driven by our philosophy to turn yesterday’s traditional approach to health and well-being, into tomorrow’s innovative health solutions by verifying the time-honoured traditions through modern science.


Butterfly Ayurveda Pvt. Ltd. blends the wisdom of traditional knowledge of ayurveda and use of modern technology to provide the highest quality of ayurvedic medicines & health products, with the vision to help in prevention and treatment of diseases and promotion of good health; doing all this in an environment that is dedicated & visionary.


Carmel Organics is an Indian based certified herb and spice company. We are producers, processors and suppliers of premium products, certified under NPOP, NOP and EU standards. We are also trusted by ISO, Spice board of India, APEDA and FSSAI. Deals with more than 1500 farmers in India and client base in 10 countries.

Cassia agro industrial – Iran

The unit -with several years of experience in producing and packaging herbal tea in green conditions has honor that his biggest goal is developing and improving health in societies by production some kinds of Halal and safe herbal tea.

As significant portion of the world’s people drink hot beverages especially tea and herbal tea, we have fully recognized this people’s need, and try to figure out in the best way with special packaging as a Tea Bag by Salvia brand.


Dani foods India is a subsidiary of Dani Organic foods UK, which is Europe's Leading supplier of Organic Herbs and Spices. We produce and supply over 300 Organic Products to over 20 countries worldwide.We have our sourcing offices in Uganda, Madagascar, Nigeria, Tanzania, London, Australia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and India. Our warehouse stock about 300 products in 10 countries, and are in capacity to supply ranging from single pallets to truck loads and containers. We source our products directly from our contracted farms and these are extensively tested in leading laboratory’s around the world. All products are certified organic.


The Department of Agriculture Western Visayas through the Agribusiness and Marketing Assistance Division (AMAD) located in Iloilo, Philippines is mandated to provide a unified market development, market assistance, and promotion service mechanisms to the region’s small and medium manufacturers to enhance agribusiness performance and competitiveness through the promotion, exhibition, and tapping the opportunities of export potential agricultural commodities produced. The following are the companies who will be joining the DA Western Visayas for MENOPE 2016.

DINO-96 - Poland

The company "DINO-96" - is a company bio-technology. the implementation .I work of the practice of the new nano-biotechnology.

- We have to our disposal a nano-biotechnology allowing us to get the product called "DINO-96" .This nano-bioproduct "DINO-96", has unique qualities on the global scale!

It Consists of 19 super active L-amino acids and huge amounts of active elements.

This composition gives multidirection activity of "DINO-96" in bio-medicine, bio-pharmacy, bio-rescue, bio-cosmetology, veterinary and bio-bio -agriculture! As a bio-marker it Enables initial recognition without using the machines.These characteristic has only one and this very product / substance "DINO-96".


Distripharm is a natural health product organization which combines numerous skills and competencies, allowing it to grow in the rapidly evolving health environment. We are committed to a quality concept, combining the traditional use of alternative medicine with the rigorous scientific formulation and manufacturing of our products. Every member of the management team is experienced in the pharmaceutical field.

In this manner, we wish to respond to the increasing demand for natural health products that are efficient, free of side effects, and selected by more and more people in the world.

Dr. Alshahwan for organic Farming - Saudi Arabia

Organic plant production

Dates – Vegetables

Dr.Stanley Jones Siddha Pharmacy (P) Ltd

Dr.Stanley Jones Siddha Pharmacy (P) Ltd is one of the very first and exclusive Siddha Pharmacy in Kerala. The company is focussed on bringing out the amazing healing properties of Siddha system of medicine, which is considered to the oldest medical system. The directors of the company, Dr.Stanley Jones and his son, Dr.Spencer Jones are graduates in Siddha medicine. And the products formulations of the company comes from the strong family background of over seven generation of traditional siddha practitioners. The products manufactured are natural, safe, effective, tested and proven for many generations. The company’s goal is to offer their many generation old healing touch to people around the world. /p>

Dynamic Health – USA

Dynamic Health was found in 1994 in Brooklyn New York USA. Trusted manufacturer of over 100 natural and organic liquid products. Facility certifications include GMP, Organic, Halal, and Aloe Content. Direct relationships with growers, farmers, and harvesters all over the world.


The Erdal REX GmbH belongs to the Werner & Mertz Group and supplies for over 30 years ecological friendly household cleaners, dishwashing liquids and detergents under the brand name FROSCH. Production is realized in the environmentally certified main factory of the Werner & Mertz Group in Mainz/Germany (EMAS III)) since 1986 – so FROSCH is the green pioneer on the Germany market and one of the leading European supplieres of ecological friendly household cleaners and detergents.

Fanar Honey Production - UAE

Galo Organic and Naturals Ventures - Philippines

Galo Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) is a healthy option, which can likewise be used to condition the skin and hair. VCO is known for its pleasant scent, taste, anti-oxidants, Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA) and vitamins. Galo and Organic Natural is under the supervision of a mother company, GCB Products. Established on 2009 first known for the manufacturing of Chinese noodles, condiments, and sweet preserves. GCB Products continues to create ripples, not only because of its massive infrastructure investments to support its diversifies product lines, but most importantly, due to the fact that it seeks excellence in its product quality standard and continuing training within its management and production employees.

Giga Natural Products Specialist Corporation - Philippines

GIGA Enterprises is a single proprietorship company established in 1999 by Mr. and Mrs Peping and Joy de Villa. Its primary business is in the manufacturing and retailing of Natural Personal Care products whose ingredients are mainly plant based and locally sourced. Its product line includes natural soaps, aromatherapy, spa, natural therapy, pet care and baby care. GIGA firmly believes in the importance of strong ethical business practices, and to act with integrity in all their endeavors thus giving glory and honor to GOD. (GIGA is an acronym for God Is Good! Always!)

Girmes Wheatgrass - INDIA

Greetings from Girmes Wheatgrass, Pune, India. We are the No. 1 Indian manufacturer of Wheat Grass Powder, HACCP, GMP, Organic (India, USDA, EU) and Halal Certified. National Award winner – Best Export Oriented Unit Having sales all over India and exporting to 40+ countries. Product available with ready marketing tools on On our brand / OEM / Pvt Label / Bulk (loose) Powder.

GMP Pharma – INDIA

GMP Pharma, is an innovative company that provides customers globally with Natural Skincare Products & Fragrances. We thrive to provide our customers with the best products everlasting beauty & NO SIDE EFFECTS. With the use of only Natural & Plant derived ingredients, of high nutrient content our products are unique. Our manufacturing facility is situated on the foothills of the Shivalik Mountain Range, in the DOON Valley. Here we synergies the goodness & eminence of Nature with Ultra-modern technology to bring you transcendence Skincare Solutions.

Our aim is to help you to choose Greener Lifestyle and let the environment to nurture your body. Therefore we are here to deliver you Skincare Products based on Home Based Recipes made from Plant Derived Ingredients (Extracts, oils, Fragrances etc.)


“Our choice of food penetrates into the core of who we are and the way we walk in this world. We can all make a positive and permanent impact on every aspect of our lives by giving our bodies what they truly need.” Created from nature’s premium ingredients. The ethos of Green Gate founder Innessa Bauer is vibrantly brought to life in our range of premium superfood blends and rare supplements found in nature. Each blend and product is powerful, effective and exceptionally convenient.  Green Gate began its product offerings exclusive to Harrods of Knightsbridge and successfully built its way up to yield as the third highest selling products in the pharmacy.  Now we are expanding to the world and hope you will join us by stepping into wellness in a most special way. Manufactured and packaged in Britain.

GreenLife Coconut Products Philippines Inc. - Philippines

GreenLife Coconut Products Philippines Inc. (GreenLife) is a Quezon Province based family-owned business engaged in processing of high value coconut products focusing on virgin coconut oil (VCO), coconut cider vinegar and other specialty coconut products. The company started on 2001 by Mr. Francisco and Emelita Rubio after having actually involved in coconut production and engaged in different seminars, trainings, and workshops related to the production of different coconut-based products. Their vision is to become a leading producer of high value and high quality coconut products in a natural way that will create jobs for the farmers and help the development of the coconut industry.


Herbal Fix Beverages is an Australian Propriety company than manufactures high quality, heathy functional beverages. Headquartered in Sydney, Australia and with a high end, organic certified manufacturing facility in Melbourne, Victoria it has quickly become one of the most recognised brands in Australia and South East Asia. It's moto is "Fix more than your thirst!"


Strategi is a 25 year old company established in 1991. In 2011, Herbal Strategi was formed by John Thomas after he realised the need for herbal and natural products in the home care sector. Herbal Strategi offers a wide range of products from home care to pet care. They currently have six product categories. They have Herbal Repellents, Herbal Cleaners, Herbal Pet Care, Herbal Fogging Solutions, Herbal Hygiene and Herbal Fresheners. All products are chemical free, animal friendly, non- toxic and children safe. Technology and quality control of natural ingredients is from the Central Institute for Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (CIMAP), a plant research laboratory of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Lucknow and. CSIR- IIIM, Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt.of India.


Hong Kong Greentest Corporation is a Russian company with our own manufacturing factory in Shenzhen, China.


HSA International Group is a part of a Dubai based group of companies established more than 35 years. HSA Health & Beauty Division was established in 2011, as an ethical entity that was particularly formed to distribute wide varieties of products in SKIN CARE, BABY CARE, HAIR CARE and COSMETICS. We believe in selling products which are Halal, Organic and natural and pesticide free ingredients, cruelty free, and fair trade policies. We have sole distribution rights within UAE for several such exclusive brands from UK, USA and Australia.


I Love European Fine Food is a campaign financed with aid from European Union, Greece and Romaina.

IFOAM – Germany

Since 1972 the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements is the voice for the global organic sector. As umbrella organization it unites 800 member organizations in over 120 countries.

IFOAM's mission is leading, uniting and assisting the organic movement in its full diversity.

Our goal is the worldwide adoption of ecologically, socially and economically sound systems that are based on the principles of Organic Agriculture.

The IFOAM Strategy includes 5 pillars: 1. Organic Umbrella 2.Organic Advocacy 3.The Organic Value Chain 4.Organic Programs 5. The Organic Academy.


Indu Pharma Fastest growing Ayurved pharmaceutical industry having GMP & ISO Certification. With wide range of products.indu pharma having marketin network all over india and Exporting quality products to Kazakhstan, Russia And Belarus .Indu Pharma have have products for joint care, Liver disorder, mental disorder And Obesity.


InhaGtep which is a trade project team is supported by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy.

Our teamwill participate in MENOPE as an agent of Korea organic companies which are Farmer's Mom, OKF and RENEWALLIFE. These companies have fluent experiences in export and all of their products are made of natural, organic stuffs.


Iremia that comes under Theos softech pvt. Ltd. Is All Handmade, Organic, Essential oil based products, with zero animal fat & no animal cruelty. Believe in pure & SLES products.Theos as company is also have www.makemymantra and www.makemysoul under it’s umbrella to help people across the globe.


Just Herbs is an award-winning luxurious line of pure, bespoke and Ayurvedic beauty and spa products made from certified organic ingredients collected from farms across India. Just Herbs enjoys a cult following in over nine countries and sells at high quality salons and Spas, on across the Asia Pacific region and on home shopping networks in the USA and UK.

The brand believes that choosing between a product that’s good for your skin and one which is safe for your health and for the earth is a choice you should never have to make.


KDN Biotech Pvt Ltd, India is a research based, GMP & ISO 9001:2008 Certified, Ayurvedic Manufacturing and Parent Company of Kadyan Overseas, Panipat, India. We are experts in pure herbal & natural products for health & beauty. Our formulations both Classic Ayurveda & Proprietary Ayurvedic Medicines are unique and free from preservatives. We use only high class Himalayan & wildly grown ingredients in our formulations and keep our quality standard always up. We always deliver world class products to our esteemed customers with their own label too.

Kely Exports & Imports - INDIA

We are merchant Exporters of Ayurvedic Medicines from Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala, Vaidyarathnam Oushadha Sala, Arya Vaidya Pharmacy, Coimbatore, Aryavaidya Nilayam Madurai, Dabur, and other reputed manufactures oAyurvedicf Medicines, Herbal Products, Handicrafts and electronic goods, etc. for the last Fifteen Years. To Middle East.

Khalifah Aljari Tourist Farm - UAE


Kilaru Naturals Pvt Ltd is a leading Producer of SUPER FOODS (Non-GMO) in India. We are a quality driven company that offers the best Certified Organic Products such as Quinoa, Chia, Flax and Amaranth.  Kilaru Naturals is set to be the world's most-reliable supply source of Indian grown Super foods. In India, we grow these crops in carefully selected agro-climatic zones in order to produce nutrient rich crops. Our Philosophy lies in believing that nutritious, natural and wholesome foods can bring health and well-being to individuals. We are also committed to growing sustainably by implementing environmentally sound practices.


Krish Pharmayu, an ISO 9001:2008 WHO GMP HACCP, certified organisation, is a a reliable quality driven and client centric organisation specialises in developing, manufacturing and marketing a wide range of pharmaceutical and herbal formulations with health supplements being key expertise area.

Krish Pharmayu being promoted by a group of qualified and experienced professionals and managed by a team of young, energetic, trained and dedicated pharma technocrats, is on right track to achieve its entrusted aims and objectives. Based in Delhi, Capital of India, Krish Pharmayu, has its corporate office in Rohini. Krish Pharmayu has two independent state-of-art ultra modern manufacturing facilities at Indore (MP) and Baddi (HP).

La Top Multipurpose Cooperative - Philippines

La TOP or La Trinidad Organic Practitioners Multi-Purpose Cooperative is a farmer’s organization based in La Trinidad Benguet. Its membership is composed of different individuals with their own farm identities and is primarily engaged in the production of fresh and organically grown vegetables. Each farm rely on family labor, however, bigger farms employ workers to sustain their productivity.

La Top was established in 2005 and has expanded in terms of membership and land area committed for the production of organically grown vegetables and fruits. The cooperative strictly adhere to the Philippine National Standard of organic farming. La Top is committed to support the marketing needs of its members and is aggressive in opening-up market outlets locally and even Metro Manila.


Millennium Herbal Care Ltd. is incorporated in Mumbai, with the aim of providing optimal efficacy and highest quality of natural healthcare to all. Being commercially operational since 2001, Millennium Herbal Care Specializes in Formulating, Manufacturing and Marketing Innovative Proprietary blends of Phyto-therapies, Supplements and Personal care products. Business model of the company encompasses.


The Ministry of AYUSH is formed in 9th November 2014 for providing more health care to public. The department of Indian Medicine and Homeopathy (ISM&H) was created in March 1995 and renamed as Department of Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy (AYUSH) in November 2003, with a view to providing focused attention to Development of Education and Research in Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy Systems.

Mish Global – INDIA

Mish Global is a merchant exporter and marketer company dealing in Ayurvedic and Herbal Products. We specialises in personal care & cosmetics products and health supplements of herbal origin.


MK Enterprise INC, located in Tokyo, Japan is established in 1969 and has been in gift item business for more than 48 years in Japan. Our wide range of sales channel including fancy shops, variety stores, convenient stores, DIY shops, pharmacy stores, discount stores, and etc is also our strength when we work as distributer here in Japan. When planning products, we add ‘Kawaii (Cute)’, ‘funny’, ‘interesting’, ‘Cool’, ‘WOW’ or such as a key factor in planning product which differentiates our products from others.


Since 1930 MORGA has been offering a wide range of natural, vegetarian products, which are carefully produced in varying processes. The MORGA assortment ranges over a wide selection of tasty delicacies, from conserves and syrups, dietary supplement capsules, grain and pulses to dried fruits, tea and many other products, all manufactured orthodoxly, organically, or according to Demeter guidelines. Moreover, with regard to exports, special products, production methods and production machinery are examined according to Halal and Kosher directives and certified via the respective independent bodies.

Natural Control of Your Health - UAE


Natural Senses and Serene Senses are exquisite range of natural and organic personal care brand of products, registered in UK and manufactured in Thailand. It’s unique collections of Skin, Hair and Baby care products are combined with the finest, certified, natural ingredients infused with proven remedies and benefits. Natural Senses have been providing OEM/private label services to hundreds of clients in the cosmetic and beauty industry for last couple of decades.


We are an innovative Syariah compliant player in the natural products market with an ISO 9001:2008 and GMP certified manufacturing and has a wide range of halal certified (MS 1500:2004) products. Natural Wellness is a private label / OEM manufacturer with recognized accreditations & certifications complying to international standards with more than 10 years of experience in the industry.


Nutratix Biotechnology Sdn bhd (NBSB) is involved in the research and development of herbs and plant based materials with the intention to commercialize its research findings into traditional medicine, health supplements, nutraceutical , and skin care products. Its range of products include capsules, liquid supplement, powder supplement & aesthetic products.


We are based in Surat Gujarat, (India), involved in trading and manufacturing process of organic foods like Spices, Grains, Lentils, Fruits and Vegetables Dairy Products and also in processed foods. We have group of farmers from all over India who does organic farming for many years. Orbit Organic is certified brand by One cert, USDA and also by European Organic Standards. At Orbit, we always believe in providing and supplying best quality food to any part of the world, and hence we are sharing the joy of Good taste in country like USA and UK and Australia.


We are gearing up to be Malaysia’s forefront global player as an integrated agri biotechnology healthcare and wellbeing company via the continuous and timely introduction of a strategic mix of products with high demand and growth.


OSMA Cosmetics Industry & Laboratories UAE is a manufacturer and distributor of BIOGROW ® products under the license from OSMA Cosmetics & Laboratories AG Switzerland. BIOGROW ® is a revolutionary hair loss prevention product that is clinically proven to significantly decrease hair loss and increase hair density by 4.7% average monthly rate.

It is a natural product made from natural ingredients and free from harmful chemicals.  BIOGROW ® has received “Excellent” dermatological rating from the tests and trials carried out in Switzerland and France.


Since 1996 we provide value added services for our customers. Our core business is the import of Belgian and European's organic and natural products in the Middle-East.

We are partnering with Organic Guild in Dubai to promote, market and distribute the products.


Phalada Agro Research Foundations Pvt Ltd is a company was founded in 1999 with the vision of providing end to end solution for organic agriculture. The group of 850 small farmer covering 7000 acres, that we represent, grow the finest grade of Coffee, Spices, Medicinal and Aromatic Herbs. Phalada facilitates the certification process and all plantations are certified organic as per NPOP, EU, NOP standards. Some of the farms are Demeter, Bio Suisse and Jas certified. Our organisation also comes under FLO Fair Trade, Fair for Life, Kosher certifications. We have now launched our retail brand called “Phalada Pure & Sure”, which is currently catering to the Indian consumers.


The Department of Agriculture is the government agency responsible for the promotion of agricultural development by providing the policy framework, public investments and support services needed for domestic and export-oriented business enterprises.

In the fulfilment of this mandate, it shall be the primary concern of the Department to improve farm income and generate work and opportunities for farmers, fishermen and other rural workers. It shall encourage people’s participation in agricultural development through sectoral representative in agricultural policy-making bodies so that the policies, plans and programs of the Department are formulated and executed to satisfy their needs.


Platinum Herbs Sdn Bhd incorporated in 2006 by Dr Omar Jantan, inspired from his 30 years of experience in modern medicine. Our major concern is on long-term side effects of drugs and artificial chemicals to human. We aim to provide the solution by carrying R&D on high medicinal value local herbs in research institutions such as FRIM, SIRIM and local universities. Our primary innovation is Staminax® herbal energy booster that has pain reliever properties. Through NKEA EPP#1, this product is undergoing an evidence based R&D in local research institutions to be upgraded to a High Value Herbal Product.


Prakruti Remedies Pvt. Ltd.” has been involved in the manufacturing of herbal products for the last 12 years with business transactions covered all over India. We seek to expand the horizon of our company, our clients’ businesses and health in general with best dietary supplements. Our company goal is to manufacture products with unequalled quality, to build lasting relationships with our customers by providing superior service and honouring all commitments, and by always adhering to the highest ethical standards. Our manufacturing facility is certified by GMP and ISO 9001:2008. We have been an established an excellent track record for the best customer satisfaction.


M/s. Progen Research Lab, Belgaum is an Ayurvedic Pharmaceuticals started in 2007. It is based in city of Belgaum, Karnataka. It is in research and development of innovative Ayurvedic Formulations useful in treating diseases like Infertility, Diabetes, Kidney Diseases, Arthritis, Liver Diseases, Geriatric diseases etc. few brands of company are already in market which are unique and quality assured. It has nature’s boon in the form of an organic farm which is situated in dense forest area of Western Ghats where the company grows herbs and harvest them for the usage in different formulations. The company is owned by three partners who have back ground of Ayurvedic medicine and its market related fields. The company is growing every year and spreading its marketing network in southern India as well as abroad like South American and Euro Asian countries.

Progen Research Lab is having two divisions one is Classical Ayurvedic medicines and another is Proprietary Ayurvedic medicines. Both the division are promoting its market through ethical promotion and growing business year by year


Proliv Life Sciences Sdn Bhd is a company incorporated in Malaysia with the intent of discovering traditional medicine and medication through scientific research and production. The company was incorporated to undertake the research of a number of traditional medicinal products with the ultimate aim of introducing a scientifically accepted bio-medicine.

Purelife Health and Wellness, Inc. - Philippines

Purelife Health and Wellness Inc is a sales, marketing and distribution firm of natural pharmaceutical products, healthy food, food supplements and cosmetics which are made of natural and organic research based active ingredients derived from our rich Philippine flora. Conceived and founded by 20 long years of diversified experiences in pharmaceutical industry and three years of agricultural research.

Our mission is to be a channel of God’s blessings by sourcing our raw materials from Filipino farmers and take part in their holistic development; to introduce innovative products that will bring good health and wellness as we exist to “Care for a Better Life!”


Herbs Nutriproducts Pvt. Ltd. (HNPL) was established with a vision to offer a single window solution to all fitness, nutrition, and personal wellness needs. We are manufactures and distributor of Pure Nutrition brands in India and provide a wide range of Nutritional Supplements, Proteins, Herbal Infusion Teas and Cold Pressed Oils. We are in the business of procurement and study of natural foods and herbs that treat and heal many complex diseases. Our products help in supporting the treatment of diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, liver and kidney complications and to combat obesity and weight related diseases.


Established in the year 1991 by Dr. N.L. Murty, a leading scientist & soap technologist. Dr. Murtywas the head of the R&D of The Tata Oil Mills Ltd . Mumbai. He was on the BIS panel & has given the ISI standards for soaps, detergents, & oils. He has a lot of research papers published in India & abroad. He has over 50 years of experience & has been a consultant to may Indian and African companies. We are one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of toilet soaps. The company has a versatile infrastructural setup with modern machineries, latest production techniques, and product development “know how” to successfully meet the varied product requirements of our clients.


After 5 years of research and collaboration in Germany the R & O Trading Company, a Kuwaiti / German company was founded in 2013. R & O offers a wide range of services from wholesale and retail to consultancy in the fields of medicine and health, technology, real estate and lifestyle. We have distribution rights for the innovative, healthy and high quality products from the German suppliers to be distributed in the Gulf States and the MENA region. R&O Trading Company cooperates with companies from Germany, Northern Europe and the Middle East.

Rayana organic farm – Saudi Arabia

Organic plant production

Dates - herbal & medical plants - Vegetables

REFMAD V-Enterprise – Philippines

REFMAD V-Enterprise (Rare Eagle Forest Marine & Agricultural Development-Ventures Enterprise) is the FIRST organic Dragon Fruit Plantation in Northern Philippines. Our success is driven by our passion and commitment to inspire and uplift the living conditions of small farmers—by becoming a show window of a science and technology-based farm, maintaining zero-waste agriculture, applying innovative technologies and capturing opportunities for profitable growth.

Operates as a family-oriented business enterprise, involved in the production, processing and transport of fresh dragon fruit that comes with several value-added products such as dragon fruit ice cream, wine, shanghai, tea, vinegar, cookies, jam, soap bars etc.


Rex (U&A) Remedies Pvt. Ltd. is a trusted and respected name in Indian herbal industry. We are a professionally managed entity. Our head office, manufacturing units, logistics office and numerous regional channel partners are strategically located to cover the span and versatility of the entire Indian sub-continent.Under the able guidance and visionary leadership of Late Hakim Nazeef Ahmed Usmani, a renowned herbal practitioner, we have successfully covered numerous milestones. The scientific legacy of more than hundred years coupled with diversified experiences of renowned researchers, pharmacists, technocrats, hakims & vaidyas (literally mean herbal physicians), marketers and business associates equips us to honour the ever-increasing demands and expectations of our valuable customers.


Company is manufacturer and trader of honey and herbal products, we have vast experience of herbal raw herbs and honey for more than 50 years. It is our 3rd generation in this arena. We have invented several new products in healthcare sector, which includes slim honey, active honey as well as several herbal patented medicines.


Sami Direct, as a part of the Sami-Sabinsa Group, is the culmination of relentless Research and Development for more than two and half decades with over 120 scientists focusing all efforts towards creating effective and safe products. We have one state-of-the-art R & D Centre and six highly advanced cutting-edge manufacturing units adhering to the strictest quality and safety standards ensuring that the highest quality of products are being manufactured. Today, Sami-Sabinsa Group holds a strong intellectual property portfolio with 110+ US and International Patents to its credit including worldwide awards and recognitions.


SBI (Sankhubaba International) is the leading processing unit in the Aromatic & Medical Plants AEZ (Agriculture Export Zone) designated by APEDA. Our State of art manufacturing facility is located at Haridwar, in the industrial Hub – SIDCUL. Since its conceptualization in Feb 2003, the core focus of SBI has been to promote cultivation of high altitude aromatic crops of commercial importance. The highest level of care while packaging is ensured by using UN certified aluminum and GI packing.

Sayed Mohammad SO Abdul Kabir Individual Company - Afghanistan

Sayed Mohammad SO Abdul Kabir Individual Company is an Import Export business of fresh fruits. The business is engaged in the import export of fresh fruits since then 25 years, the company purchase fresh fruits during season from local farmers and are exporting to Pakistan, India and local markets of the country, during off season the company import fresh fruits like, mangos, oranges, apples, pears, bananas, pineapples etc. from neighbour countries and selling them in local markets of Afghanistan.


SMR Exports represents the coconut product exports of SMR consolidated group, Sri Lanka. The group is having its own coconut estates in the coconut triangle of Sri Lanka and manufactures various kinds of coconut products. It consists coconut mills, ISO 22000 certified virgin coconut oil manufacturing plant, only organic certified refinery, established local retail chain and an international exports office in Sri Lanka.

SMR group is a premier Sri Lankan coconut oil manufacturerhaving local and international presence. Over five decades it has been a major player in the local edible oils and fats industry and continues its strategic journey.


An ISO 9001: 2015 certified Shaleen Pharmaceuticals came into existence in the year 1987 and is considered to be one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, trades, importers & exporters of the best quality of Ayurvedic & Herbal Medicinal Products. We offer a wide range of Ayurvedic, Herbal & Unani Medicines. Owing to their high effectiveness and longer shelf life with no side effects, these medicines are highly appreciated among our customers. Furthermore, we are engaged in providing our customers with Franchise and Third Party or Contract Manufacturing of multi- dimensional range of herbal and ayurvedic products.


Sohra Group is a Belarusian Trading house that promotes all the products manufactures in the Republic of Belarus (Eastern Europe) to the MENA and Gulf markets. The company was established more than 15 years ago and now has its offices in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Sudais Saud Ltd - Afghanistan

Sudais Saud Ltd was established in 2003 and located in Herat city, the company purchases dry fruits and cashmere from farmers, middlemen and herders and after cleaning, sorting and packaging export to different Asian and European countries.


Sun BioNaturals India Private Ltd (Sun Group) is a global company with overseas operations spanning all over the World. Started with the sole motive of providing healthy food products.Sun Group manufactures and exports organic Neem, Karanja, Castor, Soapnut, and coconut based products.


Taharah Global (M) Sdn Bhd is a 100% Bumiputera company that doesn’t only act as a manufacturer of the personal care, skin care and colors cosmetic products of our own brand and private label products. But we also expands its horizons into producing health and wellness natural products. Beginning in 2003 by developing the “Taharah” brand in stages, the company started mainly with producing Taharah shower soaps while giving full attention to research and development (R&D) to innovate seaweed and clay based personal care and cosmetic products.

TakanaSefla Brothers Co. Ltd – Afghanistan

TakanaSefla Brothers Co. Ltdwas established in 2000, involved in export of fresh fruits to abroad.The owner of the company has been in the dry fruit business for more than 20 years and later on switched over to fresh fruit business. The company has leased a cold storage where he stores the apples and sells them during off-season in the local market.


Tenaga Jati Bumi (TJB) was incorporated in January 2011 and is a company commercializing in traditional herbal medicine from locally sourced herb called Sabah Snake Grass (SSG). The products are marketed under the brand name ''ClinN'', an abbreviation from its scientific name “Clinacanthus Nutans”. TJB’s mission is “to identify, develop and continuously improve high end herbal based drugs in providing alternative solutions to the pressing healthcare needs of the world”


Trio Healthcare Pvt Ltd is pioneer of Herbal/Ayurvedic Industry from more than 25 Years (Since 1991), located at most prime Business-Place GIDC-Vatva in AHMEDABAD - The Pharma hub in the most Business admired & Business friendly state GLOBAL GUJARAT in INDIA Our Plant is as per Schedule T, G.M.P., ISO 9001:2008, H.A.C.C.P. Certificate Company. We are serving 200 Herbal/Ayurvedic Products in Our Plant.


Vedicare Ayurveda Pvt. Ltd – INDIA

Vedicare Ayurveda Pvt. Ltd was incorporated in the year 2006. Our manufacturing unit is located at Bhiwadi( Rajasthan) and corporate office is in Gurgaon (Haryana) SoulTree is India’s first and the only range of certified natural beauty & personal care products developed by Vedicare Ayurveda Pvt. Ltd. SoulTree offers a wide range of skin care, hair care, and bath care and beauty products.


The Company is established by Mr. J. K. Baid, BE (Mech) having 40 years of experience and has travelled throughout by the world and is having wide exposure of this industry. He is supported by professionally qualified and highly trained technical and commercial personnel. Vitro Naturals is dedicated to excellent and professional services at the lowest cost. Our dream is to provide Organic & Natural products from natural resources and medicinal plants.

ZEYARATJAH LTD – Afghanistan

ZeyaratJah Ltd was established in 1987 with license from Ministry of Commerce and Industries. It's a family business and is a well-known and large Company in the west region. The Company purchases the required raw material from local markets, farmers and Wholesalers through its agents located in Herat, Badghis, Ghor, Faryab, Kandahar, Mazar, Khust, Samangan and Kabul provinces of Afghanistan.

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